Poolview Alarm System | LED indicator | Alarm Signal for Swimming Pools

  • Cost Effective and Proven: Our wireless alarm system is cost-effective and extensively used in swimming pools, leisure centers, fitness centers,... Read More
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  • Cost Effective and Proven: Our wireless alarm system is cost-effective and extensively used in swimming pools, leisure centers, fitness centers, hotels, etc.
  • Water-resistant call buttons: System sealed call buttons are water resistant, making them suitable for use in showers, saunas, and steam rooms.
  • Immediate Feedback with LED Confirmation: Each Call Button features an LED confirmation indicator, offering immediate feedback. Pressing the button locks it in. Sending an alarm signal to the central monitor. The LED indicator flashes, confirming signal transmission.
  • User friendly emergency response: A user-friendly emergency response is ensured by the System. When a call button is pressed, the central monitor's corresponding LED indicator illuminates, accompanied by an audio alert. Appointment responders can provide guidance promptly.
  • Warranty and fault reports: We offer a one-year comprehensive warranty covering labor and parts. Our efficient fault reporting system ensures quick response times for both minor and total system failures, guaranteeing a high level of safety and security.

Options available with and without installation

System Overview: The alarm signal is transmitted five times when the call button is pressed. An LED indicator will flash to indicate the message has been sent. Upon receiving the signal from the Central Monitor, the call point's LED indicator is illuminated on the front, and an audio sounder is activated to alert the user that an alarm has been received. The appointed responder may then read the text beside the indicator and announce their actions. It is possible to muffle the audio sounder for approximately one minute. After 25 seconds, the call point button will continue to sound until it has been released by twisting. The arrows on the front indicate this.

Wireless Call Buttons: The Wireless Call Buttons are completely sealed, which allows them to be used in all areas of Leisure Centers, including showers, saunas, and steam rooms. In addition, a model with a cord pull is available for facilities that cater to the disabled. The units are equipped with a confirmation LED that provides reassurance to the caller that the button has been pressed. If a Call Button is pressed, the button will be locked in. The Central Monitor will receive a signal at this time. As indicated by the arrows on the button, the signal will continue until the button is released.

Note: To ensure that the system is fully operational, each call button should be checked daily.

Technical specifications

  • Latching twist to release button.
  • LED to confirm button press.
  • Frequency of operation: 868 MHz
  • Lithium-ion sealed battery with 3.6 volts of power
  • Battery life: Approximately 12-18 months (replaced on a regular basis by the site)
  • This device measures 125mm x 85mm x 55mm (excluding the antenna). 

The Central Monitor is the main control unit of the system. It continuously monitors messages sent by the alarm buttons connected to it.

Features and functions.

  • Up to 16 individual LED indicators
  • AC mains supply with LED indicator
  • Audible sound 4. Mute function
  • Low energy consumption 6. 12V DC operation
  • AC mains supply with battery back-up and battery indicator
  • Spread Spectrum Technology
  • FCC certified and complies with Telecommunications (Low Power Devices) Standards
  • CE registered and ETL (UL equivalent). Manufactured to ISO9001 (year 2000) standards.

Mute Button: If an alarm signal is received, the Central Monitor will continue to sound until the alarm has been cancelled. The mute button can be pressed during this time to temporarily silence the alarm. Twenty-five seconds. During this mute period, if the alarm has not been confirmed, the alarm will sound again. The unit is powered by a dedicated 12-volt DC power supply. In addition to the power socket, there is a small indicator LED. If power is provided, the LED will be illuminated. On the front of the unit, there is a second power indicator, which confirms that power is being supplied to the control circuitry. During proper operation, both indicator LEDs should be illuminated.

Includes in Box

  • 4 wireless call buttons
  • 1 display unit
  • Owner's manual


Poolview components are covered by a one-year comprehensive warranty, which covers all labor and parts.

Fault reporting - After Sales Service

All requests for service are accepted via: Email: service@poolview.co.uk

• When the Customer telephones or emails the company, an engineer will normally contact the customer within four hours of receiving a report of a fault.

• If the problem is minor, and cannot be rectified by telephone, an engineer will attend site at an agreed upon time if it is not possible to resolve it over the telephone.

• When a system fails completely, an engineer will normally be on site within 72 hours (weekdays) of notification

• When a customer returns equipment for repair or replacement, Poolview Ltd. will attempt to repair or replace the equipment within 14 days.

• Poolview Ltd will notify the Customer if there are any delays in the replacement of equipment beyond its control.

• Poolview Ltd will adhere strictly to the above procedure wherever possible but reserve the right not to be held responsible if there are delays in response or attendance due to causes beyond its control.

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