New Brand, New Website

New Brand, New Website

RLSS UK Shop is officially open!


RLSS Direct has now closed in shop doors for sales, but whilst we transition all of the services over you will continue to be directed to some parts of the RLSS Direct system for online services such as Course Finder, TA Updates and Resources (so don't forget your RLSS Direct password just yet!).

All our stock is now in transit to our new warehouse, so please remember that any orders placed on our on our new will now be dispatched from the 4 January 2021.

There will be limited disruption to the way you order and pay for items on RLSS UK Shop:

Online orders by Credit or Debit Card through the new shop website

Just like now, you will still be able to order goods through the new RLSS UK Shop by credit or debit card.

Online orders by Purchase Order

Providing you have a pre-existing credit agreement, you will be able to make an online order and pay with a purchase order at checkout (Check out this guide.)

Orders by company finance systems

If you use your company finance system to place orders, you can continue to place orders in the same way. Orders should be directed, and payments will continue to be made out to RLSS UK Enterprises Ltd.